“Summit of the Americas”: will the American states be able to step up together the corruption scandals in the region?

23.04.2018 |

The largest meeting of the leaders of the countries of the region “Summit of the Americas” (in Spanish – Cumbre de las Américas) was opened in the evening of the 13th of April in the Peruvian capital Lima. The main plenary session of the eighth American forum, which usually meets once every three years, was […]

The upcoming Summit of the Americas without Trump: will the White House start building bridges rather than walls in Latin America

17.04.2018 |

To date, Latin America is not at all the region where the US President Donald Trump can count on popular support. From the beginning of the electoral campaign of the current head of the White House, the Latin American mass media were replicating his statements about immigrants from the “dirty holes”, which at that time […]

Unexpected victory of left-centrist forces in Costa Rica: the opening of the electoral “super marathon”

10.04.2018 |

The first round of the elections in Costa Rica in early February opened the electoral “super marathon” in Latin America. Traditionally, Costa Rica has always been considered a bulwark of stability in the Latin American region. In this state, for decades, strong democratic forces seemed to dominate. In a number of international ratings on the […]

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What is LACRUS?


To move forward means to look back at the past


In the context of vertiginous historical change the role of countries and regions is increasing significantly. Our young team offers a new communication format that involves all the active, creative people interested in Latin American and Caribbean (LAC) and Russia (RUS) relations.

Therefore we present to you the LACRUS project. Latin America, the Caribbean and Russia intertwined in a common desire for positive dialogue, exchange and integration, not only between countries but also between the continents.

LACRUS is designed to propose new communication tools, aimed at improving the knowledge of the two seemingly distant worlds. This project declares the desire to achieve a new level in communications by means of modern technologies, offering interesting publications and launching special events, including presentations and conferences of political, cultural, social and business experts originated from Russia and Latin America.

LACRUS proposes the dissemination of relevant information about the way of life in the two continents and more than thirty countries. Through the media and social networks in real time we can share the most interesting facts of life in Latin America and Russia.

The comments and analytical publications of various authors on the relevance of the interaction between Russia and the countries of Latin America, including translations of the most important foreign articles on a wide range of topics, will be available soon.

LACRUS is created in order to motivate our people and give them the opportunity to build a new cultural, educational, academic and business communication, as well as generate interpersonal contacts that contribute to the positive development of cooperation between the two continents.

Thanks to LACRUS you will be able to participate in activities focused on creating a positive image of Russia in Latin America and on the development of the presence of Latin America in our country.

LACRUS aims to unite on a single platform the diversity of national and international projects and initiatives dedicated to Latin American issues, as well as try to unite creative, proactive and open people to this type of innovative and complex solutions in the modern communication space.

We express our sincere gratitude to our mentors and teachers Lázar S. Jeifets and Victor L. Jeifets for their support and assistance in the creation of this project.

We, as a team of LACRUS, want to help to ensure that the link between our continents is indissoluble and, beyond the real integration to which we aspire, we also seek to complement it with a virtual integration through the means of modern communication technologies.

With your help, we intend to turn Russia and Latin America into close and neighbourly regions to discover again and again how attractive our cultures are to each other.

We firmly believe in this conviction. Welcome to LACRUS.

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