Russia and Brazil: from “tormenting” doubts again to lasting friendship?

On the 31st of February of 2018, a year and a half after Michel Temer’s entry into the presidency of Brazil will be performed, following the impeachment announcement of Dilma Rousseff. She was removed from the government, and the provisional president of the country, according to the constitution, was Vice-president, Michel Temer. Officially on the […]

Russian-Argentinean relations: a new round of cooperation

Diplomatic relations between Russia and Argentina were established as far back as 1885 and have long-standing and solid roots. Argentina is today one of the priority partners for the Russian government in Latin America. It should be noted that the total volume of trade turnover in recent years has decreased, however, there is also a […]

Latin American products on Russian shelves: new steps and goals

In response to the sanctions that began in 2014 in connection with the Ukrainian events, Moscow banned the import of European and American goods and simultaneously turned rapidly towards its Latin American partners, who immediately enthusiastically embraced the opening export opportunities, foreseeing the establishment of new business contacts and the increase in trade in connection […]

Dakar – 2018: the successful anniversary on the Latin American expanses

One of the most famous competitions in the world of motorsport and one of the main international events of the rapidly started year was “Dakar”, which continues experiments, trying to retain its leading position, despite numerous objective difficulties and intrigues of competitors. To date, the “Dakar” has the second largest number of TV audiences after […]

The long-awaited “return” of Russia to Latin America

In the last few years, against the backdrop of the protracted Ukrainian crisis and the new round of trade and economic conflict that followed it with the ideological coloring between Russia and the West, in addition to geopolitical and strategic interests in the Latin American region, the Kremlin has long-term interests and projects related to […]

The crisis of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of our America: is there a chance of overcoming it?

The beginning of 2018 gave rise to the hopes of some experts and analysts for the normalization and smoothing of international tension, and raised questions about the future alignment of forces in the multipolar world. In this context, it is worth considering the transformations and their results that have affected Latin America. In particular, about […]

Trends of the “Indian Renaissance” on the eve of the New Year

Latin America is a unique region with an incredible mix of ethnic groups (Spaniards, Portugueses and Indians), civilizations and cultures, which are often described as a relatively young border civilization that forms on the borders of the Indian-Mestizo, African-Mulatto and Iberian-European races. The youth of Latin American civilization is evidenced by its endless carnivals, turbulent […]

One of the main international threats of the XXI century in the framework of the conference “Parliamentarians against Drugs”

Latin America is the birthplace of many narcotic drugs and the region in which the largest drug cartels are located. The war on drug trafficking on the international level has been going on for several decades, and the governments of these countries, together with other states, have accumulated considerable experience. Drug trade and illegal drug […]

The role of women in the international political process – The XII International Summit of Women Speakers of Parliaments

In recent years, examples from different countries show that the policy of the 21st century has ceased to be exclusively a male occupation. Women are now not only the object of politics, as the most important part of the electorate, but also active participants in the political process itself. Today, women are more likely to […]

New approaches to the problems of national and international security in Latin America – ” on the margins” of the I International Workshop about the Contemporary Role of the Armed Forces

The last quarter of the 20th century and the beginning of the 21st century are characterized by a processing worldwide growth in the number of social, economic, technogenic and environmental challenges and threats at various levels. Modern crisis phenomena are characterized by an ever-increasing degree of complexity caused by a new configuration of technological, financial […]