“Geopolitical Party” in Central America: “hurricane” of social tension in Nicaragua

Traditionally, since the XX century, the Central American region has a strategic importance for Washington. Moscow has played an increasingly prominent role in the alignment of the Central American regional forces. In particular, the Kremlin is more actively cooperating with the Nicaraguan “dictator” Daniel Ortega, while US diplomats and legislators largely ignore the situation not […]

The change of Mexico’s political course by 180 degrees: the results of the presidential elections

On the 1st of July the most important in the modern history of Mexico, corresponding to political scientists, elections were held. This time the country elected a new president for the next six years, 28 senators and 500 deputies of the lower house of the Parliament, several governors and heads of municipalities. According to the […]

Return of Lula da Silva to the political arena: truth or fiction of the “left”?

In early June, the world flew sensational news, coming from Brazil. The famous ex-president of Brazil, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, currently serving a sentence for corruption, intends to nominate his candidacy for the post of head of state in the upcoming elections this fall. Such a statement was made by the Governor of State […]

Visit of Morales to Moscow: New Horizons for Russian-Bolivian Relations

From the “heart” of South America, as part of the opening of the World Cup, Russia was visited on a working visit by the president of the Plurinational State of Bolivia. On the 13th of June, Vladimir Putin began accepting politicians in the Kremlin who came to attend the matches of the main sporting event […]

Presidential elections in Colombia: the candidate of “the right” celebrates his victory

So awaited presidential elections in Colombia were held on the 17th of June in the context of a public division. In the first round, the conservative of “the right”, Iván Duque, and the candidate of the forces of “the left”, Gustavo Petro won. This time Colombians voted to elect a new President for the country, […]

A possible terrorist threat hangs over Latin America: The Islamic State seeks new “routes”

Currently, only a handful of Latin American governments are thinking about the possibility of a terrorist attack by the Islamic state organization in the region. However, after the announcement by Dmitry Feoktistov, the Deputy Director of the Department for New Challenges and Threats of the Russian Foreign Ministry, at the beginning of May at the […]

The Latin American “landing” at the World Cup-2018

Less than a month remains until the main sport event of this year – the World Cup, which will be held from the 14th of June to the 15th of July 15 of 2018 in 11 cities of Russia. These days, close attention of fans is focused on various topics for discussion concerning the upcoming […]

The fate of the leftist movement in Latin America: what is expected of the presidential elections in Venezuela?

Early presidential elections will be held in Venezuela this Sunday, on the 20th of May. In turn, the USA and the EU countries condemned the decision of Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro to hold a vote and officially announced the prospect of possible sanctions that could add to existing ones if the country “somehow undermined democracy”. […]

“Cuba is far away or Cuba is near”: what is Russia waiting for on the island of Freedom with the new leadership?

On the 19th of April Cuba finally said goodbye to the rule of the Castro dynasty, which lasted 59 years. It cannot believe that Castro’s surname left the political lexicon of this country. Since 1959, after the victory of the Great Cuban Revolution, Castro’s brothers – Fidel and Raul – were inextricably linked with the […]

“Summit of the Americas”: will the American states be able to step up together the corruption scandals in the region?

The largest meeting of the leaders of the countries of the region “Summit of the Americas” (in Spanish – Cumbre de las Américas) was opened in the evening of the 13th of April in the Peruvian capital Lima. The main plenary session of the eighth American forum, which usually meets once every three years, was […]