Interpreting and translation services, Russian, Spanish

All-in-one translation services

A client who has chosen this type of services will be attended by a personal translation support manager who will coordinate all kinds of translation and interpreting activities within the framework of a selected project/projects, organize the resources necessary for translation and deliver high-quality and timely results to the client.


LACRUS performs translation of various kinds of documents and materials, including:

– documents of a contractual nature (agreements, memoranda, contracts);

– business correspondence;

– technical documents (reports by technical consultants, technical specifications for equipment and works);

– financial documents (texts of bank guarantees and letters of credit, business plans, financial models and explanatory notes thereto, economic and financial sections of feasibility studies, financial statements);

– legal documents (legal opinions, laws, regulations, court judgments and arbitration awards);

– corporate documents (charter documents, internal corporate regulations).

LACRUS its translations takes into consideration the client’s preferences regarding the use of any terms and expressions that have been established in their practice.

Editing of texts

One of LACRUS areas of activity is revising translations made by other translation agencies for our clients.

When a client approaches us with such a request, our translators who are competent specialists in the respective subject area of translation and have experience working as editors will read and analyze the translated text in order to assess its conformity with the source-language text, and if any errors, discrepancies or omissions are revealed, all necessary changes and amendments will be made in the translation.

Legalization and notary certification

The final stage in the translation of a document is notary certification of the translator’s signature on the document and/or legalization of the document, whenever it is necessary to grant it official status in the Russian Federation or in a foreign country.

LACRUS provides services of organizing notary certification of the translator’s signature and legalization of translated documents with respect to our translations as well as those translations performed by other companies that have been edited by our specialists.