The winner of the CEERI-LACRUS competition of 2017 is

M.A. Olga Solodskaya, Krasnodar, Russia

Competition of young researchers of Iberoamerica

LACRUS and CEERI announce a competition for the financial support of a research internship at the Center for Strategic Studies of International Relations (CEERI) in Buenos Aires (Argentina).

The amount of the scholarship includes economy class round-trip ticket to Buenos Aires (Argentina), accommodation and additional expenses of the grantee, but does not exceed 170,000 rubles. The duration of the research internship is up to 30 (thirty) days (including the time spent on the road to the place of the internship and back).

Previously unpublished works on any of the following topics are accepted for the competition:

  • “Russia and Argentina (Latin America): the future of strategic partnership in a new political context”

  • “Actualization of the economic strategy of Russian companies: new horizons in Latin America”

Procedure of participation in the competition

Russian high school students, undergraduate and graduate students, postgraduate students, research associates without a scientific degree under 30 years old are invited to participate in the competition.

The deadline for submission is June 25, 2017, 17:00 (Moscow time).

The submissions should be written in Russian. The winners of CEERI–LACRUS nomination will be able to publish in Russian and English / Spanish. 

The submission should be up to 0.5 printed sheet (up to 17,000 characters), line-spacing 1,5, font Times New Roman, 14. The works should be sent via email to, indicating in the subject line CEERI-LACRUS. 

The article is accompanied by a brief summary and key words in English. The scientific reference system should be made in accordance with the rules of the journal Latin America.

The letter indicates the author’s full name, his/her status, contact information. A text file should be in doc or pdf format attached to the letter. There should be no personal information, except for indicating the status of “school student”, “bachelor”, “master”, “postgraduate student” in the file of the article.

The results of the contest will be announced on the website of the LACRUS project and its partners.

After announcing the results of the competition, the winner should send the following documents to
– CV (resume) in free form in Russian and English / Spanish;
– List of scientific publications (if available) in Russian and English / Spanish;
– The winning article in Russian and English / Spanish.


Within a month after the return, but no later than January 15, 2018, the winner of the competition should submit a report on the results of the internship. The report must be signed and sent via email to indicating in the subject line REPORT COMPETITION CEERI in pdf format. The letter should contain attached scanned copies of pages of the foreign passport with stamps of crossing the border of the Russian Federation and Argentina.

Goals of the competition

1) Stimulation of interest in research in the field of international relations, promotion of Latin American studies in Russia;

2) Support of young, talented researchers by creating the conditions and infrastructure for scientific work;

3) Integration into the international research community through the development of academic mobility and the expansion of professional contacts.


Centre for strategic studies of international relations (Argentina) generates tools that contribute to the development of societies, seeking communion and regional integration.

Competition of the young researchers of Iberoamerica

The opportunity for young researchers interested in Ibero-American issues to gain new experience in academic activities.