Bolivia: political crisis amid global pandemic

While in early July, the WHO representatives said that America is the world epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic, and by October 1, the number of victims for the entire region could almost triple to 637.000, social convulsions and political conflicts have exacerbated in a number of countries. The most discussed topic of the outgoing week was the next postponement of the date of the General Elections in Bolivia. How is the electoral process going in this Latin American country against the backdrop of the pandemic? What was the real reason for this decision of the Bolivian government?

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Chronicles of the Coronavirus in Latin America

In Latin American countries, the total number of deaths from the COVID-19 virus has already reached 100 thousand. Only in Brazil, as of June 23, 53.830 deaths were recorded from the coronavirus, 1.190.000 people were infected. To date, the country has become the second in the world after the United States, which has come close to such indicators. What strategies do regional governments intend to apply? How do Latin American states plan to deal with the pandemic outbreak?

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