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¡Hola, amigos!

First of all, this blog is devoted to traveling over the countries of Latin America, here we will share impressions, photo emotions, life hacks, advises for all curious and keen people who are in search all the time of new discoveries, inspiration, adventures and bright colours of life! Certainly, our first post will become an introduction to our project.

It is worth marking that “OpenLA” is not travel agency but the project integrating fans of not format traveling, non-standard routes, for people who prefer to collect unforgettable moments, but not things. “OpenLA” is to open Latin America together with us, to feel a rhythm of life and heartbeat of new cities, to enjoy unusual colours and miracles of nature. The “OpenLA” command will reveal to you secrets of ancient civilizations, will dip you in a swirl of the Latin American life and will allow you to go beyond customary boundaries.

The principal inspirers of the project are we: Olga and Julia, openers of the new horizons, fans of all “Latin American”, and eternal wanderers on open spaces of Latin America. When we met in the city of contrasts, at the height of 3600 meters above sea level, we decided to integrate our love to the Latin American colour and to square it. The most surprising is to find people, relatives to you on spirit, staring off in the same direction and complementing each other. Only in our heads the idea of creating a project could be born, a project what allows to learn the far-away Latin American countries to all travelers ready to new impressions who prefer the active recreation, appreciate to look from a different angle, want to see not only the untwisted tourist places, but also aren’t afraid to get out of comfort zone.

It’s a moment to be presented personally:VER 2359

I am Julia Vashchenko, a foreign affairs specialist, a political scientist, a latin americanist, dreamer and eternal tourist. My love to Latin America has begun 10 years ago, having entered to the faculty of the international relations and having chosen a subject of the first term paper about Che Guevara, and in a consequence this love has grown to the PhD’s paper about the Bolivian foreign policy. After the long travel over many Latin American countries, I have decided 2 years ago to collect in my suitcase dusty and scientific books and to go in the direction of the region which is hotly loved by me. So, I have appeared at the height nearly 4000 meters above sea level in La Paz city, and my head has begun to spin not only from a lack of oxygen, but also from the Latin American contrasts. I have opened in myself a new ability exactly here. It’s to show my favourite places, cities, routes and the countries of Latin America. For me, the delight of travelers is a source of inexhaustible energy and drive, it is what allows me to move further and never to stop.VER 2113

And I am Olga Gomozova, an artist, an architect, optimist, romantic and inveterate traveler. Perhaps, I don’t know a Russian person who would love the Latin American culture more than me. Therefore, 7 years ago I decided to exchange my native and favourite city St. Petersburg with its grey and rainy sky for incendiary rhythms and the bright sun of Latin America. I bought one way ticket towards such far, but so close to my soul, to lands of which I dreamed since my childhood, when I listened to the Latin American songs in the days without a break, danced salsa and expected for hours the Mexican series. So, I appeared in the most mountain “capital” in the region, in La Paz city, which became my second home. My life sharply changed 7 years ago, my hobby of archeology, love to art forced me to visit Latin America inside and out, finally to fall in love with Latin Americans, their culture, traditions and to find 50 shades of “bright Latin American”. During 6 years, I open the horizons of the region which is passionately adored by me for travelers and I dream to do it, enjoying Latin America again and again.

On pages of this blog we will try to create a unique space which will bring closer to you the countries of Latin America. We strongly recommend not to switch and we invite everyone who cares to join our Latin American space!

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