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From the 22th of September to the 1st of October in the Bolivian city, Santa Cruz de la Sierra, the largest annual industrial exhibition “EXPOCRUZ-2017” in South America took place.

The first fair in Santa Cruz de la Sierra took place in 1962 and in the first years of the history it was generally directed to representation of achievements of agricultural products on the national Bolivian market. In 1976 the exhibition for the first time gained the international character. At the beginning of the 2000th years, with assistance of the Chamber of Commerce of Bolivia, the Agricultural Chamber of East departments of the country and also the largest businessmen of South America, the “EXPOCRUZ” exhibition turned into a true industry showcase of the region. Every year the geography of participants extends as well as the diversity of its sectors grows: automobile industry, oil and gas companies, textile products, mechanical production, food, construction, jewelry, tourism, culture, education, electric devices, furniture products and also the agricultural sector remains invariable of its world-famous variety of types of cattle and technologies represented annually in this sector.

This year the “EXPOCRUZ” exhibition integrated on 63000 m² space of 1521 national Bolivian producers and 779 brands from the different countries of the European Union, the USA, China, India, Kenya, a number of the Latin American states – Argentina, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Brazil, etc. Including the largest Russian automobile producers – “GAZ Group”, “KAMAZ”, “VAZ” also were presented on this industrial exhibition. Several years for the Russian companies the “EXPOCRUZ” exhibition has confirmed the function of the main economic platform for expansion of commercial relations with the countries of the region of Latin America.

Thanks to rapid development of the urbanistic direction in many cities of South America, a number of the countries of the region endures a “transport boom” that promoted success of the Russian automobile producers on the ground of this fair. The presentation of the Nizhny Novgorod auto manufacturing company “GAZ Group”, which for the first time provided the novelties from its collection of the vehicles “GAZelle Next” in South America, has become the main Russian sensation at the “EXPOCRUZ-2017” exhibition. The professionals of the “GAZ Group” company managed not only to provide to general public the hi-tech products meeting needs of the region, but also to hold a number of negotiations with representatives of the governments of the South American states and also the largest businessmen, government contracts were planned for delivery of light and medium-tonnage commercial vehicles, heavy trucks, buses, cars, power units, and auto components to spheres of agriculture, urban transportation and industrial equipment.

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The Russian brands could present adequately achievements in the field of automobile products at the “EXPOCRUZ-2017” exhibition. As the representatives of the companies in numerous interviews repeatedly said that they have intention to be fixed strongly in the market of South America.


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