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100 years of the Russian Revolution

On the 7th of November (on the 25th of October according to the Julian calendar) fulfilled 100 years from the day of the Revolution of October. This event gave place to the global reorganization of the world and the creation of the first socialistic state in the history of the humanity. It is possible to treat differently its results, Bolsheviks and the Soviet Union, but it is impossible to deny that this revolution was one of the most important events of the XX century. Not only in the whole Russia, but also in many countries of the world there have happened the large-scale activities dedicated to this memorable event.

Century later after the Great October many communist parties remain the only force which is consistently fighting for the power of people and social justice. In Latin America still the ideas of the Great October inspire a million people at large on construction of “socialism of the XXI century” or as often it is called in the region of “socialism with a human face”. It is necessary to indicate three countries of the region of Latin America – Venezuela, Brazil and Bolivia, in which these days have celebrated the large-scale activities dedicated to this symbolic event.

On Monday, the 6th of November, in Venezuela it was going out the «Week of the memory», dedicated to the centenary of the Revolution of October. These days in Caracas and other cities a series of the activities is celebrated: the international scientific conference, the concerts, the exhibition, and the demonstrations of movies. Besides, the big book fair and the world festival of patriotic poetry have been dated for anniversary of the revolution. On the 7th of November in the capital mass demonstration has taken place, and on the 12th of November in Bolívar Avenue in the Venezuelan capital Vladimir Lenin’s memorial bust will be solemnly open.1073805057

The celebration of the anniversary in Brazil has coincided with preparation for the XIV congress of the Communist Party which will take place during the period from the 17th of November to the 19th of November. During this event the communists intend to develop consecutive tactics of resistance to Michel Temer’s regime. For this purpose the Communist Party of Brazil considers necessary to address again historical experience. In the capital of the State of Maranyan, in the city of San Luis, there has taken place the conference “100 years of the Russian Revolution: heritage and lessons” which has been sent for consideration of modern crisis of capitalism and a possibility of fight for socialism. Part in this action was taken by the governor of the state – the representative of the Communist Party of Brazil Flavio Dino. On the 24th of October the anniversary of revolution became the main subject of the ceremonial meeting dated for memorial in parliament. The leader of the Communist Party of Brazil Luciana Santos has noted that capitalism isn’t capable to solve the problems facing mankind. “We live in the world of wars, inequality and poverty — she has emphasized. — As a result of a revolution of 2016 hunger has returned to the Brazilian families again. We need a socialist way!”

One of the countries of the left axis in Latin America of consistently realizing idea of the Great October and the fight standing on a front line still since 2006 remains Bolivia.

In the Plurinational State of Bolivia from the 6th of November to the 8th of November with assistance of the vice-president Álvaro García Linera and the faculty of history of the main highest institution of the country – the University “Universidad Mayor de San Andrés”, the international scientific meeting directed to the complex analysis of the October Revolution in the context of global history has been organized.

POL10 F1 ALVARO VICEPRESIDENCIAThe vice-president of Bolivia Álvaro García Linera and the professor of history of the University “Universidad Mayor de San Andrés” Eugenia Bridikhina have inaugurated this event by the press conference for the leading Bolivian editions. As the vice-president of Bolivia has noted: “The meeting is directed to exchange of opinions and the fundamental analysis of the Great October Revolution of 1917, understanding of its influence on the countries of Latin America, her echoes for development of political regimes today”.

The famous researchers and politicians will participate in this meeting: the Spanish political scientist Pablo Iglesias, the Russian historian, the leading researcher of the Institute of Universal History of Russian Scientific Academy, and the author of many works about Latin America, in particular about Bolivia, Andrey A. Shchelchkov, the Argentinian researcher Horacio Tarcus and others. Besides, in this meeting the Bolivian historians and diplomats Gustavo Rodríguez Ostria and Magdalena Cajías will participate.

The Great October Revolution has deserved a rank of the most ambiguous event of the Russian history, however, in the countries of “left camp” of Latin America, its ideas still exert considerable impact. The slogan of “socialism of the XXI century” began to gain popularity in the 1990th when some countries have revealed the XX century crash expenses of the “world system of socialism”, when the “end of history” of global liberalism began to glitch. The ideas of the Great October have formed the basis of “socialism of the XXI century” which still is in a phase of its active implementation in the Latin American states of the “left axis”.

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