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Brazil finds new opportunities to cooperate with Russian companies

Representatives of regional and local authorities and business community of Brazil discussed with Russian companies possible purchase of medical equipment, as well as an innovative technology of waste products processing.

The delegation consisted of Prefect of Araquari, Clenilton Carlos Pereira, Municipal Attorney General of Betim, Bruno Ferreira Cypriano, Adviser on Health of the Federation of Municipalities of Santa Catarina State (FECAM), Jailson Lima da Silva, as well as officials from the Hospital da Região Leste (Paranoá), and representatives of the BRA Medical, one of the leading supplier of medical equipment in Brazil.

Delegates participated in a series of business meetings with Russian companies – industry leaders offering unique technologies and products in the field of medical supplies.

 “PLAZMOPROM” LLC presented the highly efficient surgical plasma arc installation PLAZMORAN for treating infected and chronic wounds of various aetiology. PLAZMORAN is unique of its kind both in Russia and worldwide. PLAZMORAN equipment can also be used in the complex treatment of bacterial, fungal and viral infections of mucous membranes, as well as the epithelium of the respiratory tract and alveoli, has recently acquired special significance.

“MICARD-LANA” JSC, a company with more than a half-century experience in the field of algorithm development for the analysis of ECG, introduced a 12-channel wireless electrocardiograph with automated interpretation and support for Internet telemetry of resting ECG («cloud» processing, storage and secure use) known as Cardiometer-MT complex which allows generating a system of unlimited coverage.

The Russian company “Orthotherapy”, that supplies equipment and consumables for radiological departments of leading clinics and medical centers in Russia, presented to the Brazilian delegation a wide range of its products, including a system for fixation of patient during radiotherapy or topometry produced under a trademark RT-Fix. The company claims its products to exceed equipment of foreign producers, offered on higher prices on a number of parameters.

One of the largest producers of thermoplastics for medical use “T-TAPE” introduced modern orthoses for recovery from trauma and surgeries made on the basis of an advanced technology known as Turbocast. The Turbocast technology provides the maximum comfort for the patient during the treating, while allowing to maintain a high degree of external immobilization.

Following the business meetings, the foreign delegation reaffirmed the interest in further cooperation with Russian producers and suppliers of medical equipment and consumables, acknowledging the demand for such goods in Brazil.

An important part of the business agenda was a presentation of another unparalleled technology for processing of carbonaceous wastes with recovery of high-heating synthetic gas and optional production of thermal and electric energy, synthetic liquid fuel, propane butane fraction gas, ethers spirits. The Santa Catarina state officials were particularly encouraged by the prospects of implementing such a technology within the whole 295 state municipalities, especially in the context of a firm attention of the global community towards Brazilian climate agenda.

Brazil and Russia consistently develop its bilateral relations, cooperate on the multilateral level, participate in BRICS format. However, the difference in foreign policy approaches of the two countries is quite pronounced, and unfortunately, the global pandemic hasn’t led to any rapprochement. Still, there is great potential for cooperation, and the strongest showing is the persistent mutual interest of business communities of the two countries.

The business programme of the Brazilian delegation was elaborated by the Institute for Latin America of the Russian Academy of Sciences, highly recognized institution among the Brazilian establishment, with support from the LACRUS project of new communications aimed at facilitating building of strong laces in the field of politics, culture, economy and business between Russia and Latin American countries.

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